Here are some articles that have featured me and my artwork.

Wanganui Chronicle March 2009. Kate is holding my Landscape painting and I am very pregnant in the background.

 River City Press 2009 - look at that belly I was due to have Maddy any day.

 Sarjeant Gallery newsletter had this photo with my painting The Promise of the Universe is LOVE in the background.

Open Studios 2007 - Wanganui Chroncle.

Wanganui Chronicle 2006 

Midcity Press

Wanganui Chronicle 2007 

 Wanganui Chronicle 2006

New Zealand H&O on Holiday 2006

 River City Press 2006


Wanganui Chronicle Pride Magazine 2005


Wanganui Chronicle October 2004


Wanganui Chronicle 2004 - my painting is the faces in the heart painting.

Very first article written in the River City Press March 2004, the month I moved to Wanganui.