Artist Denita Tizard lives and works in Wanganui, New Zealand exhibiting her art locally as well as overseas. A large amount of her artwork is produced for pure enjoyment, with many pieces featured on her website. As Denita‚Äôs interests are very diverse, her subject matter and techniques also show a wide variation. Denita prefers not to limit herself to one style or one media. Instead she is always trying to do something new to keep her interest in what she is working on fresh, and to challenge herself. Denita feels she is being true to herself, and her talent.  

Having grown up in Palmerston North, New Zealand, Denita comes from a dynamic family and credits her parents with instilling in her a strong faith and a strong work ethic. This has provided a good foundation from which to not only build a good career, but a great life. While working in Auckland as a casting assistant at ADM Casting, Denita realised that to actually make a living as an artist was not going to be easy, and that if she was going to have any success it was going to take some time and hard work. Denita moved in 2001 and started her life as an artist. With a challenging career ahead of her, Denita become very proactive in her art community. 

March 2009, Denita and her husband Shaughan had a baby girl named Madeline, who previous to being born already changed their lives dramatically with a new home and requiring mum to lose her huge studio and sporty car. Jan 2012 their son Jackson was born and 6 weeks later they had once again moved but this time Denita managed to get back into a big studio. Denita says "It is unbelievable how demanding small people can be, but every day just gets better with both of them in our lives." Denita loves being a Mum and is excited about this new chapter.  

Denita feels richer in many ways than most artists ever could dream to be.