Art Documentaries I have that I'm happy to share... 

All TTC (The Teaching Company) Lectures Addendum Three
A Brief History of the World (Audio)
A History of European Art (Video)
American Ideals; Founding a Republic of Virtue (Audio)
American Revolution (Audio) 
Art Across the Ages (Video)
Art of the Northern Renaissance (Video)
Beginnings of Judaism (Audio)
Between the Rivers; The History of Ancient Mesopotamia (Audio)
Big History; The Big Bang, Life on Earth, and the Rise of Humanity (Audio)
Classic Novels; Meeting the Challenge of Great Literature (Audio)
Classical Archaeology of Ancient Greece and Rome (Video)
Classics of British Literature (Audio)
Consciousness and Its Implications (Audio)

Andy Warhol - A Documentary Film

BBC - Leonardo da Vinci
BBC Leonardo da Vinci Episode I - The Man Who Wanted To Know Everything
BBC Leonardo da Vinci Episode II - Dangerous Liaisons
BBC Leonardo Da Vinci Episode III - The Secret Life Of The Mona Lisa

BBC How Art Made The World
BBC Arena 1978 Memoirs of a Self-Confessed Surrealist
BBC Art of Spain 2of3 The Dark Heart 2008
BBC Art of Spain 3of3 The Mystical North 2008
BBC Frank Lloyd Wright Murder, Myth and Modernism
BBC How Art Made the World 1of5 More Human Than Human
BBC How Art Made the World 2of5 The Day Pictures Were Born
BBC How Art Made the World 3of5 The Art of Persuasion
BBC How Art Made the World 4of5 Once Upon A Time
BBC How Art Made the World 5of5 To Death and Back
BBC Northern Renaissance 1of3 The Supreme Art
BBC Northern Renaissance 2of3 The Birth of the Artist
BBC Northern Renaissance 3of3 Image Wars
BBC Power of Art 2of8 Bernini
BBC Power of Art 4of8 David
BBC Power of Art 6of8 Van Gogh
BBC Power of Art 8of8 Rothko

David Hockney´s Secret Knowledge
David Hockney´s Secret Knowledge Part 1
David Hockney´s Secret Knowledge Part 2

Great Artists
Piero della Francesca
Van Gogh

Hokusai An Animated Sketchbook (1991)

Imagine - Gilbert and George

Impressionists ep 1-3

John Berger Ways of Seeing (1972)
ways of seeing 1 - psychological aspects
ways of seeing 2 - women in art
ways of seeing 3 - collectors and collecting
ways of seeing 4 - commercial art

Tim Marlow on MoMA
Tim Marlow on MoMA E01
Tim Marlow on MoMA E02
Tim Marlow on MoMA E03

Private live of a masterpiece
Breughel's Census at Bethlehem
Dali's The Christ of St John of the Cross

tateshorts1 - 15

The Divine Michelangelo (BBC 2004)

The Divine Michelangelo CD1
The Divine Michelangelo CD2

The Eye
The Eye Anish Kapoor
The Eye Anthony Caro 
The Eye Anthony Gormley
The Eye Chris Ofili
The Eye David Batchelor
The Eye Dryden Goodwin
The Eye Gary Hume
The Eye Gilbert and George
The Eye Langlands and Bell
The Eye Mark Wallinger
The Eye Michael Landy
The Eye Mona Hatoum

The Genius of Michelangelo
01 - Who was Michelangelo
02 - Artist and Aristocrat - Michelangelo's World
03 - An Unconventional Beginning
04 - Michelangelo's Youth and Early Training
05 - Florence and Bologna in the Early 1490s
06 - First Visit to Rome and Early Patrons
07 - The Bacchus and the Pieta
08 - The Return to Florence and the David
09 - The David and St. Matthew
10 - For the Republic - The Battle of Cascina
11 - The Taddei Tondo and the Pitti Tondo
12 - The Doni Tondo
13 - Rome and the Tomb of Julius II
14 - Bologna and the Return to Rome
15 - The Sistine Chapel
16 - The Sistine Chapel, Part 2
17 - The Sistine Chapel, Part 3
18 - A Story of Marble
19 - The Medici Chapel Sculpture
20 - The Medici Chapel Sculpture, Part 2
21 - The Medici Chapel Sculpture, Part 3
22 - The Laurentian Library
23 - Florence - A Republic Under Siege, 1527-34
24 - Inventing a New Aesthetic - The Non-Finito
25 - Michelangelo's Drawings, 1520-40
26 - The Last Judgement
27 - The Last Judgement, Part 2
28 - The Pauline Chapel
29 - The Completion of the Julius Tomb; Poetry
30 - The Capitoline Hill Projects; the Brutus
31 - The New St. Peter's Basilica
32 - Michelangelo's Roman Architecture
33 - Michelangelo's Roman Architecture, Part 2
34 - Piety and Pity - The Florentine Pieta
35 - The Rondanini Pieta and the Late Poetry
36 - Death of Michelangelo - The Master's Legacy

The Nude in Art (2000)
The Nude in Art - E01 - The Classical
The Nude in Art - E02 - The Renaissance
The Nude in Art - E03 - The Enlightenment
The Nude in Art - E04 - The Modern

The private life of a masterpiece
Leonardo Last Supper
Van Gogh's Sunflowers

The Secret of Drawing
The Secret of Drawing - 01 - The Line of Enquiry
The Secret of Drawing - 02 - Storylines
The Secret of Drawing - 03 - All In The Mind
The Secret of Drawing - 04 - Drawing by Design

This Is Modern Art (1999)

1of6 - I Am a Genius - This Is Modern Art 

2of6 - Shock! Horror! - This Is Modern Art

3of6 - Lovely Lovely - This Is Modern Art

4of6 - Nothing Matters - This Is Modern Art

5of6 - Hollow Laughter - This Is Modern Art

6of6 - The Shock of the Now - This Is Modern Art

TTC - A History of European Art

1.Approaches to European Art

2.Carolingian and Ottonian Art

3.Romanesque Sculpture and Architecture

4.Gothic Art in France

5.Gothic Art in Germany and Italy

6.Giotto and the Arena Chapel—Part I

7.Giotto and the Arena Chapel—Part II

8.Duccio and the Maestà

9.Sienese Art in the 14th Century

10.The Black Death and the International Style

11.Early Renaissance Sculpture in Florence

12.Early Renaissance Architecture in Florence

13.Masaccio and Early Renaissance Painting

14.Jan van Eyck and Northern Renaissance Art

15.Northern Renaissance Altarpieces

16.Piero della Francesca in Arezzo

17.Sandro Botticelli

18.Andrea Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini

19.High Renaissance Painting in Venice

20.The High Renaissance—Leonardo da Vinci

21.The High Renaissance—Raphael

22.The High Renaissance—Michelangelo

23.Albrecht Dürer and German Renaissance Art

24.Riemenschneider and Grünewald

25.Netherlandish Art in the 16th Century

26.Pieter Bruegel the Elder

27.Mannerism and the Late Work of Michelangelo

28.Annibale Carracci and the Reform of Art


30.Italian Baroque Painting in Rome

31.Gian Lorenzo Bernini

32.Peter Paul Rubens

33.Dutch Painting in the 17th Century


35.Poussin and Claude—The Allure of Rome

36.Baroque Painting in Spain

37.Louis XIV and Versailles

38.French Art in the 18th Century

39.Neoclassicism and the Birth of Romanticism

40.Romanticism in the 19th Century

41.Realism—From Daumier to Courbet

42.Manet and Monet—The Birth of Impressionism

43.Monet and Degas

44.Renoir, Pissarro, and Cézanne

45.Beyond Impressionism—From Seurat to Matisse

46.Cubism and Early Modern Painting

47.Modern Sculpture—Rodin and Brancusi

TTC - Great Minds - Part 6 ~ Modernism and The Age of Analysis


James's Pragmatism.mp3

Freud's Psychology of Human Nature.mp3

Freud's Discontents.mp3

A.J. Ayer and Logical Positivism.mp3

Max Weber and Legitimate Authority.mp3

Husserl and Phenomenology.mp3

Dewey's Critique of Traditional Philosophy.mp3

Heidegger—Dasein and Existenz.mp3

Wittgenstein and Language Analysis.mp3

The Frankfurt School.mp3

Structuralism—Saussure and Lévi-Strauss.mp3

TTC VIDEO - From Monet to Van Gogh A History of Impressionism

TTC Video - Great Artists of the Italian Renaissance

1 Italy and the Renaissance

2 From Gothic to Renaissance

3 Brunelleschi and Ghiberti in Florence

4 Donatello and Luca della Robbia

5 Masaccio

6 Masaccio - The Brancacci Chapel

7 Fra Angelico and Fra Filippo Lippi

8 Three Specialists

9 Donatello and Padua

10 Piero della Francesca-Individual Works

11 Piero della Francesca-Legend of the True Cross

12 Pageant of Life in Renaissance Florence

13 The Heroic Nude

14 Sculpture Small And Large

15 Botticelli Spirituality and Sensuality

16 Botticelli And The Trouble In Italy

17 Filippino Lippi

18 Leonardo DaVinci Portraits And Altarpieces

19 Leonardo DaVinci TheLast Supper

20 Michelangelo Florentine Works

21 Michelangelo Roman Projects

22 Michelangelo The Sistine Chapel Ceiling

23 Raphael Madonnas And Portraits

24 Raphael History Paintings

25 Urbino Microcosm Of Renaissance Civilization

26 Andrea Mantegna In Padua And Mantua

27 Venice Byzantine Gothic And Renaissance

28 Celebrating The Living City

29 Giovanni Bellini The Early Years

30 Antonello DaMessina And Giovanni Bellini

31 Giovannie Bellini The Late Years

32 Giorgione

33 Giorgione Or Titian

34 Titian The Early Years

35 A Culture In Crisis

36 The Renaissance Reformed

TTC Video - Museum Masterpieces - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

01-24 NY METRO 

TTC - Robert Garland - Greece and Rome - An Integrated History of the Ancient Mediterranean

1 Who Were the Greeks - Who Were the Romans

2 Trade and Travel in the Mediterranean

3 Democratic or Republican

4 Law and Order

5 Less than Fully Human

6 Close Encounters, 750-272 B.C

7 The Velvet Glove, 272-190 B.C

8 How the Two Polytheisms (Almost) Merged

9 The Iron Fist, 272-190 B.C

10 The Last Hellenistic Dynasts, 146-31 B.C

11 Why the Greeks Lost, Why the Romans Won

12 Philhellenism and Hellenophobia

13 The Two Languages

14 Leisure and Entertainment

15 Sex and Sexuality

16 Death and the Afterlife

17 From Mystery Religion to Ruler Cult

18 Greek Cities under Roman Rule

19 Greeks in Rome, Romans in Greece

20 The Hellenism of Augustus

21 Art, Looting, and Reproductions

22 Architecture, Sacred and Secular

23 Science and Technology

24 Disease, Medical Care, and Physicians

25 The Greek Epic and Its Roman Echo

26 Tragedy and Comedy

27 Love Poetry, Satire, History, the Novel

28 Greek Influences on Roman Education

29 Greek Philosophy and Its Roman Advocates

30 Hellenomania from Nero to Hadrian

31 Jews, Greeks, and Romans

32 Christianity's Debt to Greece and Rome

33 The Apotheosis of Athens

34 The Decline of the West

35 The Survival of the East

36 The Enduring Duo

Greece and Rome An Integrated History of the Ancient Mediterranean

Greece and Rome An Integrated History of the Ancient Mediterranean Starter Materials

Robert Garland - Greece and Rome

Robert Garland Biography

Vincent - Channel 4 Documentary

ArtShock - Is Bad Art for Bad People 

Annie Leibovitz Life Through A Lens 

Art Safari Relational Art - Is It An Ism 

Caravaggio (Derek Jarman 1986)

Contacts Vol1 01of12 Henri Cartier - Bresson

Dirty Dali 

Francis Bacon's Arena 

Goya - Crazy Like a Genius  


Imagine - How to get on in the artworld 

Impressionist Painting 1850-1900

Masters of Photography Diane Arbus 

Simon Schama's Power of Art

Simon Schama's Power of Art - Part 3of8 Picasso (2007) 

Simon Schama's Power of Art - Part 5of8 Rembrandt (2007)

Simon Schama's Power of Art - Part 7of8 Turner (2007)

American Photography 1of3

Empires The Medici Godfathers of the Renaissance 1-4

Picasso The Full Story 1 Magic

Picasso The Full Story 2 Sex

Picasso The Full Story 3 Death 

Revenge of the Nice 

Rivers and Tides - Andy Goldsworthy Documentary 2003 

The genius of photography 1-6

The Greeks - Crucible of Civilization - Part 2 - The Golden Age

The Art of Francis Bacon 

The Art of Spain - The Moorish South  

The Mystery of Picasso 

The New Shock Of The New 2004

Toulouse-Lautrec The Whole Story