Are you looking for a special painting for your art collection, or have moved to a new house, renovated your living area, or want a painting made just for you? Then I'm the person you should call! I enjoy working with clients to create that extra special artwork for their home. 

My prices start from $500, there will be a contract to sign, a deposit and then full payment once the painting is hanging in your home, yes I will come hang it for you :)  
Before we meet there are some of the things you will need to think about so I can get create a perfect artwork...
1. What is the subject for the painting?
2. The style of painting you require?
3. Do you have a preference of colours I use and what colours are in the area which the artwork will hang? 
4. What size would you like the artwork?
5. Which pieces of artwork do you like of mine? 
6. The date you would like the piece done by?
7. Your price range?
8. And anything else I need to know?
I keep my customers in the loop to how things are going and may ask you to come in to view the piece at any stage to help with the completion of the artwork. 
Contact: Denita Tizard